Jan. 22nd, 2009

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1. It's my second day of classes and I'm already avoiding doing reading. I should be reading the first chapter of my Business Communication text right now, but instead I'm updating lj.

2. Classes this semester are:
Acct 310 - Accounting Systems and Concepts
Engl 230 - Business Writing
Fin 330 - Managerial Finance and Control
Math 248 - Business Stats I

I usually take 5 classes, but because of a number of reasons (some of which are my college's fault), I can only take 4 this semester. I will take this as an opportunity to have a relaxing semester, which I very much need.

3. I appear to be safe from the death cold that Mike had for over a week. He's still a bit sniffly, but considering that he missed two days of work last week, he's doing much better.

4. My friend Geri is having a baby boy! He is due about a week after her two year wedding anniversary. I'm knitting like crazy for her already.

5. Speaking of 5, I'm a little sad that I offered five people crafty goodness through the meme that is circulating lj, and I only had two people respond. :(

6. In addition to knitting, I've been doing quite a bit of weaving, and while I had a goal of weaving fabric then sewing it into an outfit for Birka, I think that I won't quite make that. I thought I had another week before I went back to school, so there was a week less of relaxing/tv/weaving/vacation than I originally expected.

7. On Saturday, Mike and I visited two local yarn stores, and I found that I strongly prefer one over the other. Have any of you been to The Sheep Shack in Holden, MA? It's small, but cozy, and very cute. Mike was concerned when we were there because there was quite a bit of estrogen, including a woman who was due this Tuesday. Other than that, he complained very little about being subjected to yarn.

8. Appointment with the neurologist tomorrow morning. I have my ER records and CT scan films to bring in, and I'm a bit anxious, but glad to be getting on the road to answers.

Back to business communication. :/


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