Feb. 19th, 2009

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It has not been a good day. And it's not even ten o'clock.

When I went out to my car this morning, I discovered a very slushy driveway. Luckily I was wearing boots, so my feet stayed dry.

I got in my car, and started it. Something was not right. I turned on the heat, but the heat did not turn on. Then I realized that the radio was not working, nor were the windshield wipers. I turned the car off, and back on again, and everything was fine.

Five minutes down the road I wondered if I had the portable battery charger in my car. Ten minutes later I realized I forgot my glasses (but remembered the cloth to clean them with).

I got to campus, got out of my car, and noticed my vision was a little weird. By the time I walked across campus and stopped at a restroom, I realized that I was having another episode.

Migraine episode details cut for length )

This sucks.

Oh, and I would declare today over and go home, but I have an exam in my last class of the day, which is at 6 pm. And the professor is going to lecture after the exam. Ugh.
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Grr, I want to knit, but I didn't bring knitting to school with me.

Oh wait, that's because I should be studying for my 6pm stats exam.

Double grr.
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What the FUCK? Now, all of a sudden, oh, twelve hours after symptoms stopped, I'm having them again! WHAT THE FUCK?


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