Feb. 26th, 2009

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Apparently there is very little open on campus before 7 am. The library doesn't open till 8. What the heck, RIC?
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1. I wish there were somewhere to nap on campus. Between the long day of celebrating Mike's b-day yesterday and getting up at 5:30 this morning so I had time to study for my 8 am exam, I am freaking exhausted. And I still have 12 hours of the day left before I get to drive home.

2. Yesterday's birthday celebration was a trip to Boston for the Museum of Science. Mike had never been there, so I figured I would surprise him. We had a great time, and I'm really glad he enjoyed himself.

3. Lunch yesterday was at Boston Beer Works. We had nachos for an appetizer, I had a burger with gouda and bacon, and Mike had a fried chicken sandwich. February is stout month, so I tried an espresso stout (yum!), a chocolate stout (meh), and the regular Curley's Irish Stout. I also tried the Tell Tale Lager, since they only had three stouts on draft, and I needed a fourth to fill out my sampler.

4. I've gotten prescriptions for my migraines, finally. I have a preventative that I'll take twice a day and a symptomatic that I'll take if/when I get migraines. I don't recall the names, but I'll be sure to let the interwebs know at some point. I haven't started them yet, because I want to familiarize myself with all of the side effects, drug interactions, warnings, etc, and the pharmacy managed to only give me the first page of drug information for each medicine.

5. Related to the pharmacy, I hate my health insurance. It's provided through my school, and every year, around this time, it lapses for 4-6 weeks. Apparently, the school is incapable of giving the insurance company the list of students insured for the spring semester in any sort of regular fashion, so the insurance company shows every RIC student as having lapsed as of the end of January. There shouldn't be any such lapse, which is incredibly frustrating. This means I have to pay out of pocket for meds, but luckily they're cheap enough so that it's probably not worth the effort to get the money back from the insurance company.

6. I am so spaced because I'm so tired, I can't imagine today is going to be a fruitful day for classes. If I hadn't missed two classes on Tuesday, I might go home for a nap then come back for my 6 pm (once a week) math class. Unfortunately, no such luck. Maybe it will be warm enough to nap in my car later.


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