Mar. 5th, 2009

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+ I got a 95.5 on my finance exam. The mean was in the 50s, the lowest grade was a 26. The final grade is based on two midterms, a final, and class participation.
+ My insurance is all sorted out. Somehow, the group Rx number on my insurance card is wrong, so we gave them the right one, and got my $176 Imitrex prescription for $15. Oh, and the other med is propranolol, which is a beta blocker that reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and strain on the heart.
+ I don't seem to have a migraine anymore. I feel slightly out of sorts, and definitely down in the dumps, but I can see and my head isn't screaming in agony.
+ No school next week! Plan: Get Theresa out of the house. Any day trips within driving distance are game, what should I do with myself? Sorry, daddy, too much to do in MA, can't make the trip up to you guys. :(

- I seem to have hit the "year and two months of constant school" rut. I feel almost exactly like I did when I left BU. Don't worry, I think Mike would kill me if I dropped out now. Not to mention that I would not be pleased with myself.
- Probably related to that, I really want to skip my 6 pm class. My class before that gets out at 4, I could be home by 5, rather than class till 8:50, home around quarter of 10. However, this is a once a week class, and I don't really know anyone in it, so I can't exactly get the assignments.
- Looking at the schedule of classes next semester, it seems unlikely that I can graduate in the fall. There are too many classes that I would have to take during the summer that are prerequisites for the last classes in the program. That blows.

I think that's everything. Look, more pluses than minuses!


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