Mar. 7th, 2009

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Today has been a good day.

After leaving work early due to a migraine yesterday, I had my doubts about the weekend. But I woke up bright and early this morning, ten minutes before a class I kind of wanted to go to started. Since I'm a quick dresser and the gym is two blocks, I decided to throw myself together and go. It was a kwando class, and tough, but good. I'm glad I went, but not sure I'll get up for 8:30 on Saturdays in the future.

I got home, and Mike and I got dressed and started to plan our day. Breakfast first, at a place called Bagels and Friends that was...underwhelming. The bagels were good, my eggs were undercooked, and my home fries were terrible. Rubbery, barely warm, bland, and undercooked. Mike said his were fine, which either means his were actually fine, or he has lower standards than I do. Probably the lower standards one.

After breakfast, we were off to the yarn store to buy yarn for a certain secret project. I bought yarn for that, some yarn to finish another project of mine, and two books. Naomi, I got the sock book you have, it's so great! I also got a book about knitting with handpainted yarn, that is super cool.

Next stop was the brew store, where we picked up all the tools and ingredients to get Mike started with brewing. We're both very excited, and we'll get started either tonight or tomorrow. Looking at all the ingredient kits was overwhelming, I'd like to brew one of each! There were coffee stouts, pumpkin ales, christmas spiced, hefeweisens, red, brown, every kind you could want! They had three samples running, and their brown was awesome.

After that, it was Lowes for seeds. We're going to be planting two kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, spinach, and green beans. Hopefully we're starting them early enough this year that we'll have more success with the tomatoes.

Now we're settling in back at home, Mike is reading his brewing literature, and I'm getting ready to do some knitting. What a nice Saturday! Oh, and I'm wearing a skirt because it's nice enough out, and I looked super cute today. When we stopped in at work for some coffee, two different people said how nice I looked. :) Yay!

Maybe Watchmen tonight.
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Cute vintage dresses (I think they're lying about the "vintage prices" though):


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