Apr. 28th, 2009

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This weekend was a lot of fun. Mike and I went to NJ to see his parents, and to PA to see our friends Geri and Nick who are having a baby in a month.

Friday we drove down to NJ, got to his parents house, and ordered pizza, wings, and potato skins for dinner. While Mike and his dad went to get the food (and probably drive his parents' corvette around, since they were gone a while), his mom and I stayed home, watching the Sex and the City movie (which I swore I'd never watch) and talking about weddings. Mike's cousin is engaged, and getting married next year. We stayed up chatting till after midnight, then finally went to bed.

Saturday was very eventful. We got up around 11, and Mike's dad went and got sandwiches from the deli for us. Mike was crushed that they didn't have roast beef and he had to eat turkey. After Mike and his dad played with his dad's new riding lawnmower for a while, we hopped in the Corvette and went for a drive. First stop was High Point State Park, where we took a hike/walk around a lake. While we were walking, I felt a tick crawling up my leg, and brushed it off, grossed out. We saw a mother and father goose and their brand new baby goslings, and the father goose hissed at Mike when he tried to get close to take pictures.

After the lake, we went up to this windy cliff road that overlooks the Delaware River, I can't recall the name of it. Apparently at least one car commercial has been filmed there. We drove up it, then turned around so we could park at one of the overlooks. When we drove back, however, there was a cop car blocking the road. Apparently, there was a photo shoot going on, but since they weren't quite set up yet, they let us drive up, and we were allowed to stop so long as we stayed stopped till the traffic started up again. The car eventually drove by very slowly, with a van in front of it carrying a photographer snapping away. They drove back and forth on the road, then traffic started back up. It was really neat while we were up there, because (aside from the photo shoot vehicles) there were no cars on the road and it was really peaceful and beautiful.

Next stop was Krogh's, a brew pub in Sparta (I think Mike might have punched me if I said "THIS IS SPARTA!!! one more time). The food was fantastic, I had crab ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach in a garlic olive oil sauce, and Mike had a reuben. I also had black bean soup. The beers were okay overall, Mike identified a problem in the brewing process for their lightest beer, which I'm encouraging him to write about because I won't get it right. I liked the oatmeal stout, and I think Mike liked their seasonal beer the best.

After dinner, we walked down the pier, and decided it was time to head back to Mike's parents. By this time, we were both sunburnt, since we hadn't put on lotion before riding around in the convertible all day. Mike's friend John came over later, and we hung out with him before crashing fairly early, since we had to be up at 8 on Sunday.

Sunday morning, got up, got ready to take a shower, and discovered a tick on my leg. I freaked a little bit, it's definitely scary and disgusting to find that. I had a dream the night before that there was a bug in the bed and I tried to brush it off the bed, apparently it wasn't a dream. Mike pulled it out, and insisted I would be fine, since it wasn't a deer tick, but a honking big guy. He still wants me to see if my doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

After all that excitement, we got on the road to PA, for Nick and Geri's baby shower. Well, Geri's baby shower, since it was girls only, and the boys went to the bar. It was basically a brunch, followed by present opening. The food was okay, not as good as I would have expected for how fancy the place was. We did get party favors, including homemade truffles that are delicious. Some of us ladies went to meet the guys at the bar, and found that most of them weren't feeling well. We didn't stay long, and went back to Nick and Geri's. After a bit of hanging around, we all decided to take naps. Post-nap time was dinner, we went to a Mexican place in town. Mike didn't eat because he wasn't feeling well, and Nick still had a headache, and since Geri's 8 months pregnant, I took up the drinking mantle and had a pomengranate margarita with Patron. Mmm. We stopped at Rita's on the way home for Italian ice, then watched tv for a while before crashing.

All of us had taken Monday off, so we had a slow start to the day. Geri made pancakes and we watched some daytime tv, and Mike and I headed out a little after noon. We stopped for Starbucks, which ended up being quite the adventure since the first Starbucks my GPS sent us to didn't actually exist. Finally, we found one in a mall, and then grabbed burgers for lunch. They had a Build-A-Bear, so we went there and I made a monkey, who I dressed in scrubs and named Dr. McMonkey. Mike and I may watch too much Grey's Anatomy.

We finally got home around 7, and proceeded to space out in front of the tv for a few hours before going to bed. Overall, it was a really nice weekend, and I'm glad we went. We missed a bunch of stuff here, but I'm perfectly satisfied with our choice.

One week of school, three finals, and then I'm free!


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