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I have woken up feeling like a human being. This is a good sign.

Yesterday and Thursday were pretty terrible. Thursday I got the first signs of a migraine around noon, when I was taking a nap. I got up, ate some food, and took an Imitrex. I was trying like heck not to miss another meeting of my accounting class, since I'd missed three already, so despite thinking it was a poor idea, I headed out. Before long on the road, I realized I wasn't going to make it, so I went to [ profile] madmikey's house to lie down. (the only reason I didn't head home at this point was because I had an exam that I couldn't miss)

After a few hours tossing and turning, I got my butt to school, where I tried to study for said exam. Little made sense, but I think I retained enough for a short time to do an acceptable job on the exam. I let my professor know, and headed home.

I took another Imitrex when I got home, and the pain went away enough to get to sleep around midnight.

Yesterday, I felt okay when Mike got up and left for work around 7, but when I woke up a little after nine, I was starting to feel crappy. I called work to see if I could come in a couple hours later, and tried to rest a little more. Before I knew it, I had a full-blown migraine with all of the incredible symptoms that I tend to get (numbness, tingling, vision issues, etc). I let work know I wasn't coming in, and stayed in bed with severe symptoms until 2ish. After that, things were up and down, and I went to bed a little after midnight feeling just okay (and took a benadryl to be sure I slept soundly).

I feel pretty normal this morning, so we'll see if that holds up. Again, thanks for the good thoughts, I appreciate it.
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