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I'm tired of posting that I'm not feeling well, but....I'm not feeling well.

I've had a sharp pain in my chest on and off (mostly on) for the past 24+ hours. It was bad enough that I had trouble sleeping last night. I've had similar pain before for a short burst, it would hurt when I breathed in, but if I got a big enough (usually very painful) breath, it would go away. This one doesn't go away. If I still have the pain tomorrow, I'm going to call my neuro office and see if they think my medication could be causing it. I'd go to student health, but I'm pretty sure they'd just send me to the ER.

Aside from that, life is busy. I got grades back for the most recent round of exams, and two were much better than I expected (including the Finance exam where I had the highest grade by 19 points). One was about what I expected, which was disappointing. Hopefully I can make that up on the final.

School ends in a few weeks, after which is one summer course, then camp. Pennsic is a yes, and probably some of the regular camping events, but Mike and I haven't looked at a calendar yet.

I just finished reading the second novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series (the series True Blood is based on). I'm really enjoying it, mostly because it is easy to read fluff. I read it in three days. I can't keep up with all the knitting I want to do, and I need to take some time once school is out to update my Ravelry with pics and details.

I think that's everything. I miss my friends. :(
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