Jan. 29th, 2009

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Liam-style: Student Union Cafe Edition

1. I don't really like Thursdays. My first class is at 8 am, and my last doesn't end till 8:50 pm, so what with the commute, it makes for a really long day. It's nice that I have three breaks ranging in time from an hour to two hours, but I'd rather have them all back to back and get out of here earlier.

2. I went to the neurologist last Friday, and he said my symptoms are likely migraines. He wanted an MRI anyway, since there's a family history of strokes, and said if I experience the symptoms again, take 2 Aleve right away. If they start becoming a regular occurrence, I get a prescription. I had a headache-only migraine Saturday night, luckily none of the scary symptoms.

3. Birka this weekend! I'm one of the many people looking forward to it. :)

4. I posted a bunch of updates on Ravelry, for those of you on there, and will eventually update [livejournal.com profile] t2knit. A sweater, a vest, some kiddie clothing for my friend Geri who is expecting a baby boy, a couple other things.

5. I wish I could find a job to do in my spare time, with flexible hours and working from home. Most of the stuff I see looks like scams. Are there any real jobs like that out there?

6. I went to my first step class on Sunday, and my calves still hurt. However, I toughed it out for 45 minutes on the elliptical yesterday, and if I get out of work early tomorrow, I'll hit the gym. If not, it's Sunday again for step.

7. Mike and I are planning on going to see the Worcester Sharks play hockey tomorrow night! One of his x-mas presents was four flex tickets (in the Gold section, even!), and this is the first opportunity we've gotten to get to a game.

8. My accounting professor this semester is a) a repeater, as in "No, they don't do that. Okay? They don't do that." for every other sentence. This is very annoying, enough so that I noticed it the second class. And b) not very smart. She lectured for half an hour using the wrong word for a type of account (nominal to mean permanent), and was shocked when I asked her about it after class. At least she acknowledged that she was wrong.

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