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Can someone explain this Dreamwidth thing to me?

Also, content to come....after Thursday, when exams are over.
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Migraine yesterday, first time in a month. It was a bad one, too. I'm feeling okay today, hopefully that continues. Work, then freedom for the weekend. And by freedom I mean studying for three exams and writing a paper.
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This is going to be a busy day, methinks. Possibly explaining why I can't sleep past eight, because I'm thinking of all the things I need to do.

Get prescription refill
Get printer cartridge and business card blanks at Staples
Get smoothie stuff at stop and shop
Find tax stuff to send to RIC for financial aid
Go through mail
Outline at least one chapter of Finance book
Write application letter for English
Write notecards for English presentation
Do math homework
Do accounting homework
Deal with insurance stuff Well, at least as much as can be done right now...
Do a load of laundry
Clean up living room
Do dishes
Maybe hit the gym? (let's be honest, it's not likely)
ETA - pay bills

I think that might be it.

Update as of 9:49 - I've been up and going almost two hours, and it's looking like a poor start. I couldn't get ahold of Mike when I was at staples to get the printer cartridge info, and I couldn't figure it out on my own. :(
Update as of 10:39 - Feeling slightly better about how things are going. Got some homework done, we're getting there.
Update 2:39 - Dealing with the insurance people has me in a bit of a tizzy, so instead of finishing my to-do list, I am going to lie down before work. I did do several things not on the to-do list, but I think that this is all that will be done before work at 5. Maybe I'll get some stuff done after work.
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This weekend was a lot of fun. Mike and I went to NJ to see his parents, and to PA to see our friends Geri and Nick who are having a baby in a month.

Friday we drove down to NJ, got to his parents house, and ordered pizza, wings, and potato skins for dinner. While Mike and his dad went to get the food (and probably drive his parents' corvette around, since they were gone a while), his mom and I stayed home, watching the Sex and the City movie (which I swore I'd never watch) and talking about weddings. Mike's cousin is engaged, and getting married next year. We stayed up chatting till after midnight, then finally went to bed.

Saturday was very eventful. We got up around 11, and Mike's dad went and got sandwiches from the deli for us. Mike was crushed that they didn't have roast beef and he had to eat turkey. After Mike and his dad played with his dad's new riding lawnmower for a while, we hopped in the Corvette and went for a drive. First stop was High Point State Park, where we took a hike/walk around a lake. While we were walking, I felt a tick crawling up my leg, and brushed it off, grossed out. We saw a mother and father goose and their brand new baby goslings, and the father goose hissed at Mike when he tried to get close to take pictures.

After the lake, we went up to this windy cliff road that overlooks the Delaware River, I can't recall the name of it. Apparently at least one car commercial has been filmed there. We drove up it, then turned around so we could park at one of the overlooks. When we drove back, however, there was a cop car blocking the road. Apparently, there was a photo shoot going on, but since they weren't quite set up yet, they let us drive up, and we were allowed to stop so long as we stayed stopped till the traffic started up again. The car eventually drove by very slowly, with a van in front of it carrying a photographer snapping away. They drove back and forth on the road, then traffic started back up. It was really neat while we were up there, because (aside from the photo shoot vehicles) there were no cars on the road and it was really peaceful and beautiful.

Next stop was Krogh's, a brew pub in Sparta (I think Mike might have punched me if I said "THIS IS SPARTA!!! one more time). The food was fantastic, I had crab ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach in a garlic olive oil sauce, and Mike had a reuben. I also had black bean soup. The beers were okay overall, Mike identified a problem in the brewing process for their lightest beer, which I'm encouraging him to write about because I won't get it right. I liked the oatmeal stout, and I think Mike liked their seasonal beer the best.

After dinner, we walked down the pier, and decided it was time to head back to Mike's parents. By this time, we were both sunburnt, since we hadn't put on lotion before riding around in the convertible all day. Mike's friend John came over later, and we hung out with him before crashing fairly early, since we had to be up at 8 on Sunday.

Sunday morning, got up, got ready to take a shower, and discovered a tick on my leg. I freaked a little bit, it's definitely scary and disgusting to find that. I had a dream the night before that there was a bug in the bed and I tried to brush it off the bed, apparently it wasn't a dream. Mike pulled it out, and insisted I would be fine, since it wasn't a deer tick, but a honking big guy. He still wants me to see if my doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

After all that excitement, we got on the road to PA, for Nick and Geri's baby shower. Well, Geri's baby shower, since it was girls only, and the boys went to the bar. It was basically a brunch, followed by present opening. The food was okay, not as good as I would have expected for how fancy the place was. We did get party favors, including homemade truffles that are delicious. Some of us ladies went to meet the guys at the bar, and found that most of them weren't feeling well. We didn't stay long, and went back to Nick and Geri's. After a bit of hanging around, we all decided to take naps. Post-nap time was dinner, we went to a Mexican place in town. Mike didn't eat because he wasn't feeling well, and Nick still had a headache, and since Geri's 8 months pregnant, I took up the drinking mantle and had a pomengranate margarita with Patron. Mmm. We stopped at Rita's on the way home for Italian ice, then watched tv for a while before crashing.

All of us had taken Monday off, so we had a slow start to the day. Geri made pancakes and we watched some daytime tv, and Mike and I headed out a little after noon. We stopped for Starbucks, which ended up being quite the adventure since the first Starbucks my GPS sent us to didn't actually exist. Finally, we found one in a mall, and then grabbed burgers for lunch. They had a Build-A-Bear, so we went there and I made a monkey, who I dressed in scrubs and named Dr. McMonkey. Mike and I may watch too much Grey's Anatomy.

We finally got home around 7, and proceeded to space out in front of the tv for a few hours before going to bed. Overall, it was a really nice weekend, and I'm glad we went. We missed a bunch of stuff here, but I'm perfectly satisfied with our choice.

One week of school, three finals, and then I'm free!
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So about a year and a half ago, there was a bone marrow donor registry drive in Smithfield. I think there was a sick little girl who needed a transplant. I registered, along with Mike and most of the residents of Smithfield.

Fast forward to yesterday. I got a phone call that I am a potential match, and would I please call them back. In the craziness that is my Thursday class schedule, I didn't get a chance to call back. This morning, my phone rang a couple times while I was half asleep. Then my mom called me, telling me that she had gotten a call that I was a potential match, yadda yadda. I listened to my message, sure enough, call from the bone marrow donor registry.

I called them back, and the woman I spoke to said that I was a potential match for a man with acute myelogenous leukemia. Looking it up, it's basically this scary as hell cancer that affects older people. If you need a bone marrow transplant, that's because chemo alone isn't likely to put you into long-term remission.

She took a lengthy medical history (in the past five years have you had sex for drugs or money, have you ever had sex with a man who has had sex with a man, have you ever been diagnosed with west nile virus, etc etc etc), and explained what the next steps are. My sample will get sent for further testing, which takes about a month, and if I am a close enough match, the next step is blood tests. The results for the blood tests take about two months, then if the results are good and recipient is still able to accept the transplant, one of two things happens.

There is an autologous transplant, which uses stem cells from the donor, and the allogenic transplant, which is bone marrow. The bone marrow has a higher risk of side effects, but longer remission associated with it.

Whether or not I am a close enough match to move on to the next steps, this has already been really interesting. I half expected I would call them back and they'd ask if I could come in and donate today, but apparently life is not like House. I'll be sure to post if and when I find out any further information.
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And here's a funny from my stats class last week:

alpha - the probability of rejecting a true Ho.
beta - the probability of accepting a false Ho.

Watch out for accepting those false Hos!
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Dear powers that be,

Please leave my friends alone for a little while, would ya? I'm not even asking for worlds of awesome to rain down, just stop with the crap for a while.

Also, I could use a pony.


(I'm spending lots of time thinking about all of you, btw)
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I appear to be having some sort of issue today where I am incapable of knitting in the round. That "join without twisting" step seems to be escaping me, though I have never had trouble with it in the past. What the frak?

I think I need to put this project down for a bit.
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So at my school, Finance majors finish their program with a seminar course (I think most majors do, but this is the only one currently important to me). There are technically two courses, a seminar in finance course and a seminar in portfolio management course. The seminar in portfolio management course is by invitation only, and students in the course actually manage a financial portfolio. The money was donated by an alum for this express purpose, and the idea is that the best students in the program will take this course and manage the portfolio.

Next Wednesday, the students currently in the course will be presenting on the movement of their portfolio this semester. I don't have class on Wednesdays, so to go would mean making an extra trip down to RI.

I'm currently taking the first finance course in the series, Managerial Finance and Control, and I have this same professor in the fall for another finance course. I went up after class today (after having missed two classes in a row due to illness), and asked if he had handed the last exam back. I know my grade, since it was posted online, and I also know that I scored 19 points better than anyone else in the class. He said he didn't have the exams, but that I had done very well and only missed a couple questions. He also said that I should strongly consider going to the presentation next week, since I will hopefully be in the course next year.

WHEE!!!! Not to sound conceited, but I expected that I probably would be invited to the course, since I have nearly a 4.0, but having an actual finance professor (who is on the selection committee) say something about it is pretty darn thrilling! Just think how well I would be doing if I wasn't having all these health issues!

I just had to post about that. Yay!
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I'm tired of posting that I'm not feeling well, but....I'm not feeling well.

I've had a sharp pain in my chest on and off (mostly on) for the past 24+ hours. It was bad enough that I had trouble sleeping last night. I've had similar pain before for a short burst, it would hurt when I breathed in, but if I got a big enough (usually very painful) breath, it would go away. This one doesn't go away. If I still have the pain tomorrow, I'm going to call my neuro office and see if they think my medication could be causing it. I'd go to student health, but I'm pretty sure they'd just send me to the ER.

Aside from that, life is busy. I got grades back for the most recent round of exams, and two were much better than I expected (including the Finance exam where I had the highest grade by 19 points). One was about what I expected, which was disappointing. Hopefully I can make that up on the final.

School ends in a few weeks, after which is one summer course, then camp. Pennsic is a yes, and probably some of the regular camping events, but Mike and I haven't looked at a calendar yet.

I just finished reading the second novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series (the series True Blood is based on). I'm really enjoying it, mostly because it is easy to read fluff. I read it in three days. I can't keep up with all the knitting I want to do, and I need to take some time once school is out to update my Ravelry with pics and details.

I think that's everything. I miss my friends. :(
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Okay, lj, assignment time.

I'm working at Camp Kaleidoscope for the second summer in a row, and I've been asked for a blurb about myself to go on this page:

I need to do some real schoolwork right now, so your task, should you choose to accept it, is to blurb me. It doesn't have to be particularly long, just a quick intro to who this Theresa character is.

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What is wrong with the internet? I'm experiencing "validation errors" on Facebook, and Twitter is over capacity. Is there something going on that I don't know about? Note: I don't know about very much, but there's nothing on MSN or the New York Times that indicates that people should be socially networking more than usual...
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What is with TV shows killing off characters that Mike and I like? House has just joined the ranks of Sarah Connor Chronicles and Heroes (to name the two most recent) in killing off one of the most likable characters on the show. TV producers clearly should talk to us before they make any big decisions. I'm looking at you, Dollhouse, Desperate Housewives, and Family Guy.

(eta - serious spoilers in comments)
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I have woken up feeling like a human being. This is a good sign.
Migraine details behind the cut )
I feel pretty normal this morning, so we'll see if that holds up. Again, thanks for the good thoughts, I appreciate it.
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The pain has abated enough that I am able to move around slightly. I'm trying to eat some ice cream, as a comfort food.

Thanks for the advice and concern, guys. I wish Mike were home, and not in RI at a training class, but knowing that lj land is thinking about me is nearly as comforting.
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Augh. Please let me be.
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My head feels like it is being split by an axe, despite several rounds of attempting to nap and one imitrex. I would still be in bed, but I have an exam at 6.

Can you take another imitrex if you still want to remove your head? And if so, how long after the first? I took the first around 12:30, and I'm still in screaming pain.

My 6 pm professor is the type to lecture after she gives the exam, but there is no way I can handle that, so I'll likely be home by 8. That's enough time in between, right? Because I'm not taking one then driving, I discovered the poor choice that is earlier.

Fix me. :(
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Another question for those of you out there in lj-land.

Should I pre-slice the bread that I'm bringing for personal use/potluck?

List of things to bring:
Flask of rum
Mundane clothes
Bike shorts
Air mattress
Body glide
Phone charger and bluetooth

It's 2:30, and I'm putting the last of my stuff in the car and heading out. See many of you soon!
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