Feb. 15th, 2009

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Last night, in lieu of any sort of Valentine's Day celebration (since I don't believe in celebrating it), we had an impromptu gathering of some friends. Jenna and Jeff came up from CT, and Jana (who I work with) brought her boyfriend John over. I just now realized how many J's there were here last night.

I made a brown rice and veggie casserole, which was okay, but needed something else. I thought it was kind of bland, Jenna suggested sun-dried tomatoes.

We played silly games, drank wine, and had a very nice time. We were up too late, but that always happens.

This morning, I got up to go to the gym, and felt a sharp pain in the ball of my foot. Mike looked at it, and determined there was something in it, probably glass since we had broken a glass last night. He dug at it for a while, and pulled out the tiniest piece of glass.

So off to the gym I went, for step class. I took Mike's truck, since it was blocking me in. Class was fun, and very challenging. I stayed a bit after, to ask the instructor to show me a move that I couldn't figure out, and another girl had the same confusion, so I wasn't alone. We got it pretty quickly with the one-on-one instruction, which is good, because we'll be doing it again next week.

When I got home from the gym, Mike was outside washing my car! He cleaned it completely inside and outside, and it looks brand new. He had joked a couple times over the weekend about getting me a new car, so now I have one. :)

No big plans for today, I'll probably rock the craftiness for a while.


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