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Questions for the intelligent people on my f-list.

1) When you are transporting several loaves of bread somewhere, how do you protect them? There are different types, so I don't want them rubbing their flavors all over each other, and I'd like to keep them from getting stale. My inclination is to reuse other bread bags, but I only have a couple available. Any thoughts?

2) I'd like to enter a bread in the period recipe category of the bread baking competition (which requires documentation). However, the recipe for the bread I'd like to enter is not one I personally did the research for. Is that something that is allowed? And if it is, how do I go about documenting it? The recipe/documentation/etc is from this website:

Also, are cinnamon rolls a good breakfast item to bring for a group of people?

Thank you!
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So after my great day yesterday, I slipped down the stairs and twisted my ankle. It hurts like hell, and I'm using crutches today since I can't put a lot of weight on it without it hurting. At least professors are sympathetic to the girl who missed class on Tuesday because of migraines and is on crutches today.

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Today has been a very successful day, which is nice given the lack of anything I have done the past two days.

I got up with Mike at 7:30, gathered my books, and headed to Starbucks to do some studying. (real Starbucks, not the B&N Cafe) I spent a solid 3 hours there, and got a ton of stuff done. I'm even ahead of the game in some classes now.

After the morning of studying, I met up with Mike for lunch at New England Roast Beef, which is a tiny, very busy cafe on Park Ave in Worcester. It was nice, and refreshing to have lunch out of the house.

I left lunch, picked up my prescription, dropped off my mail, and came home. I've been relaxing a bit, and I'm in the midst of cooking a modified bread.

I used this recipe:
but I substituted ground ginger for the cardamom. I'm excited to see how it'll turn out.

Dinner tonight will be broccoli and mozzarella quiche.

Tomorrow is school all day, and Friday is baking/cooking for Mudthaw. I can't wait to see everyone!

Edited to add: The bread is SO GOOD! I'll definitely bring some for Mudthaw, and may enter it in the bread competition. It's definitely a good dessert bread. Yay for awesomeness!
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Week in review...

Made chocolate bourbon cake (take 1).
Made balsamic glazed chicken for dinner.
Worked on socks.

Spent most of the day waiting for a friend to want to go to the gym. She never did.
Took a 3 hour nap.
Went to crafty.

Baked bread.
Made quiche.
Made crockpot pork chops for dinner.
Finished weaving fabric that's been on my loom for-ev-er.
Wove a short scarf/shawl.
Drank good beer.

Went to pilates at 8:30 am.
Made chocolate bourbon cake (take 2).
Modified recipe for cake to make it chocolate spiced rum cake.
Cleaned kitchen.
Did homework.
Did laundry.

Later today:
Pack for the weekend (we're going to see Mike's parents in NJ).
Fold laundry.
More homework.

Work 11-5.
Drive to NJ.

Did I miss anything?
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I've never had quiche, let alone made it, so I did the logical thing and made quiche for lunch today!

I made a wheat flour crust, crumbled up about 4 oz of feta cheese, grated a bunch of fresh parm, topped with some peas and corn, a bit of salsa, then poured a mixture of 4 eggs and 1 cup of milk over the top.

Baked at 350 for 50 minutes.

It's delicious!
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Have you heard about this?

Pretty much all the worthwhile cast of TNG is going to be on Family Guy on March 29! Oh man, I'm excited.

Mike and I have been catching TNG episodes on the SciFi channel, so we're pretty excited about this.

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I just made this amazingly delicious wonder:

And now that dessert is made, dinner will be balsamic glazed chicken breasts with roasted green beans. Mmmm.

I'm glad I'm on spring break. I think Mike might be, too.
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Cute vintage dresses (I think they're lying about the "vintage prices" though):
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Today has been a good day.

After leaving work early due to a migraine yesterday, I had my doubts about the weekend. But I woke up bright and early this morning, ten minutes before a class I kind of wanted to go to started. Since I'm a quick dresser and the gym is two blocks, I decided to throw myself together and go. It was a kwando class, and tough, but good. I'm glad I went, but not sure I'll get up for 8:30 on Saturdays in the future.

I got home, and Mike and I got dressed and started to plan our day. Breakfast first, at a place called Bagels and Friends that was...underwhelming. The bagels were good, my eggs were undercooked, and my home fries were terrible. Rubbery, barely warm, bland, and undercooked. Mike said his were fine, which either means his were actually fine, or he has lower standards than I do. Probably the lower standards one.

After breakfast, we were off to the yarn store to buy yarn for a certain secret project. I bought yarn for that, some yarn to finish another project of mine, and two books. Naomi, I got the sock book you have, it's so great! I also got a book about knitting with handpainted yarn, that is super cool.

Next stop was the brew store, where we picked up all the tools and ingredients to get Mike started with brewing. We're both very excited, and we'll get started either tonight or tomorrow. Looking at all the ingredient kits was overwhelming, I'd like to brew one of each! There were coffee stouts, pumpkin ales, christmas spiced, hefeweisens, red, brown, every kind you could want! They had three samples running, and their brown was awesome.

After that, it was Lowes for seeds. We're going to be planting two kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, spinach, and green beans. Hopefully we're starting them early enough this year that we'll have more success with the tomatoes.

Now we're settling in back at home, Mike is reading his brewing literature, and I'm getting ready to do some knitting. What a nice Saturday! Oh, and I'm wearing a skirt because it's nice enough out, and I looked super cute today. When we stopped in at work for some coffee, two different people said how nice I looked. :) Yay!

Maybe Watchmen tonight.
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+ I got a 95.5 on my finance exam. The mean was in the 50s, the lowest grade was a 26. The final grade is based on two midterms, a final, and class participation.
+ My insurance is all sorted out. Somehow, the group Rx number on my insurance card is wrong, so we gave them the right one, and got my $176 Imitrex prescription for $15. Oh, and the other med is propranolol, which is a beta blocker that reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and strain on the heart.
+ I don't seem to have a migraine anymore. I feel slightly out of sorts, and definitely down in the dumps, but I can see and my head isn't screaming in agony.
+ No school next week! Plan: Get Theresa out of the house. Any day trips within driving distance are game, what should I do with myself? Sorry, daddy, too much to do in MA, can't make the trip up to you guys. :(

- I seem to have hit the "year and two months of constant school" rut. I feel almost exactly like I did when I left BU. Don't worry, I think Mike would kill me if I dropped out now. Not to mention that I would not be pleased with myself.
- Probably related to that, I really want to skip my 6 pm class. My class before that gets out at 4, I could be home by 5, rather than class till 8:50, home around quarter of 10. However, this is a once a week class, and I don't really know anyone in it, so I can't exactly get the assignments.
- Looking at the schedule of classes next semester, it seems unlikely that I can graduate in the fall. There are too many classes that I would have to take during the summer that are prerequisites for the last classes in the program. That blows.

I think that's everything. Look, more pluses than minuses!
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Second migraine hit around 7:30 am. Augh.
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I keep going to post positive stuff on lj, then crap happens.

I had the warning signs of a migraine this am, so I took an imitrex and went back to bed. It never developed into a real migraine, which is good, but left me feeling totally messed up for most of the day.

Mike says when I stay home and don't leave the house all day (like I did yesterday, because work didn't need me due to the weather), I get depressed, so I decided I'd go to a class at the gym at 5, since I was feeling less messed up.

I got dressed, got all my stuff together, and went out to the car. Which wouldn't start. And wouldn't jump with the jumper box we have. I don't know if I was doing something wrong, or what, but it won't work. So now I'm missing the class I got all excited about.

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1. I wish there were somewhere to nap on campus. Between the long day of celebrating Mike's b-day yesterday and getting up at 5:30 this morning so I had time to study for my 8 am exam, I am freaking exhausted. And I still have 12 hours of the day left before I get to drive home.

2. Yesterday's birthday celebration was a trip to Boston for the Museum of Science. Mike had never been there, so I figured I would surprise him. We had a great time, and I'm really glad he enjoyed himself.

3. Lunch yesterday was at Boston Beer Works. We had nachos for an appetizer, I had a burger with gouda and bacon, and Mike had a fried chicken sandwich. February is stout month, so I tried an espresso stout (yum!), a chocolate stout (meh), and the regular Curley's Irish Stout. I also tried the Tell Tale Lager, since they only had three stouts on draft, and I needed a fourth to fill out my sampler.

4. I've gotten prescriptions for my migraines, finally. I have a preventative that I'll take twice a day and a symptomatic that I'll take if/when I get migraines. I don't recall the names, but I'll be sure to let the interwebs know at some point. I haven't started them yet, because I want to familiarize myself with all of the side effects, drug interactions, warnings, etc, and the pharmacy managed to only give me the first page of drug information for each medicine.

5. Related to the pharmacy, I hate my health insurance. It's provided through my school, and every year, around this time, it lapses for 4-6 weeks. Apparently, the school is incapable of giving the insurance company the list of students insured for the spring semester in any sort of regular fashion, so the insurance company shows every RIC student as having lapsed as of the end of January. There shouldn't be any such lapse, which is incredibly frustrating. This means I have to pay out of pocket for meds, but luckily they're cheap enough so that it's probably not worth the effort to get the money back from the insurance company.

6. I am so spaced because I'm so tired, I can't imagine today is going to be a fruitful day for classes. If I hadn't missed two classes on Tuesday, I might go home for a nap then come back for my 6 pm (once a week) math class. Unfortunately, no such luck. Maybe it will be warm enough to nap in my car later.
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Apparently there is very little open on campus before 7 am. The library doesn't open till 8. What the heck, RIC?
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I was going to go to the gym tonight for pilates, but got the first indicators of a migraine about an hour before I was planning on leaving. I felt off enough that I decided not to go, and while I'm bummed, I think it was a good idea.

I feel like I'm battling it, I keep having symptoms come and go.

I called the neuro first thing this morning, left a message for the doc, and didn't get a call back at all today. When should I call them again?

Other than the brain, I have a midterm Thursday, Mike's birthday is Wednesday, and tomorrow is crafty. Oh, and this weekend is K&Q fencing! Spring break is also coming up, and I don't know if I'm doing anything. Mike and I thought about it too late for him to take time off, so if I do anything, it will be solo. It also might be a good idea for me to just hang around at home.

That's about it. A little more tv, then bedtime.
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You know what would be nice? If my neurologists office stayed open a) until normal hours, and b) until they were supposed to.

Apparently, they've changed their hours recently, so while I normally would have gotten someone, I'm clearly not, and they left ten minutes early. And they have no weekend hours. The operator offered to forward me to the neurologist on call if it were an emergency, but I don't think it really qualifies. Useless.

On an up note, I am going to try to have a nice night hanging out with some work friends and playing silly games. Hopefully my brain holds out.
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Clearly, I got another migraine (I guess that's the best thing to call it) last night. This one started just after 11, began with the vision and tingling symptoms, and I quickly just felt....weird. My right arm felt detached from my body, and I felt a general uneasiness.

I started to get a headache, so I went upstairs to lie down in the dark and quiet. The headache quickly became the worst I have ever had, and lasted for about three hours. It was absolutely miserable.

At one point I decided to go downstairs to get a glass of water so I could take some tylenol, and the light in the living room was nearly blinding.

Mike eventually came upstairs, and by this point I was nearly hysterical, I was in so much pain. All I wanted to do was go to sleep. He gave me some ibuprofin, a benadryl (to knock me out), and put a hot pack on my forehead.

That must have worked, because eventually, I fell asleep.

I feel okay this morning, but I have to go to work, and I'm wary about all the loud noises that working in a cafe comes with. I'll let my boss know when I get there, in case something happens, but that's really the best I can do.

Thanks for the concern, everyone.
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